The Project is Finished

Here are links to the project report and the product sheet (a short description of the Glof. PDF-format).


Nearly there!

Today we have been forced to leave the idée with the tilt sensor to activate the nudge function. Instead we activate this control by reading a normal pushbutton. We have also taken the decision to try to activate one more gesture. We chose the peace sign as our new sign.

The hand is also covered with some fabric so that it looks a bit more appealing.

Today also included, building a pedestal for placing the silicon hand onto. We also finished a CD cover to our CD with the software on it. We are a bit disappointed with not getting it to work exactly as we wanted it to, but at the same time very happy of the fact that the bend sensors are working nearly to perfection again. The day also included choosing a spot for the exhibition.

Tomorrow includes some final things for setting up the presentation, and doing a final check on the glove.

What a day!!

Today we have really gone from frustration, to even more frustration.

The main problem has been to get the tilt sensor to work without any problems. We think that we are having a problem with the power to the tilt sensor, because every time we connect the tilt sensor, we get strange values.

When starting today our bend sensors worked, but after been trying out different solutions with the tilt sensor, suddenly the bend sensors didn’t work. Because of this we had to go back to trying out the bend sensors again. Before, when sending different keystrokes we were sending two keystrokes combined in one. The solution that we got to work just recently was to press only one keystroke at the time. We also changed which keystroke we were sending.

Today we also found out that the silicon hand that we made yesterday needs another day to get dry.

We have also discussed different ways to make the glove look a bit more appealing, and came up with the idée that we will probably cut two glows apart and combine them into one. This will aloe us to make a cover for the prototype.

Hope tomorrow is a happier day for us!

Today Jonas and Hans brought lunch!

It’s been a very productive day today. We’ve put together the glove and got it to work. Almost. There is of course a need for fine tuning it. Other than that the code is coming along well and the final documentation has come quite far.Unfortunately, the glove isn’t as sexy and test-proof as we would like it to be and as we’ve mentioned before we’re going to make a model of a hand for the exhibition and put the glove on it. We ordered some silicon for that model today, which will be arriving in the beginning of next week.Earlier we also posted the code. You can find it here.

early version slightly later version

141 lines of code

We started to program all the components one by one. We had one piece of code for the bend sensors, one piece for the tilt sensor and a one for the keyboard switch. Now we’ve tried to put those in to one piece of code, resulting in 141 lines. This code is a first version, not yet fully tested. We’re expecting to change it a lot before the exhibition day. Read more »

James Bond is our advisor!

This morning we started out with finishing up the connections to the keyboard card and checking that all our controls still worked. We have also been able to connect the tilt sensor and get it to work nearly to perfection.

The next thing we were able to get to work perfectly was the bend sensors. We have also been working hard with trying to get the switch between the keyboard card and the arduino to work, but we were not able to manage it. Because of this we booked a meeting with our advisor tomorrow.

Today we also talked about different solutions for building the glove prototype, the discussion included material, attachment solutions and hiding as much electronics as possible.

All in all it has been a day filled with more ups than downs.


What happened to David’s beard?

Today we bought a tilt sensor and started looking at the code to read it. It seems to be fairly simple, you can use the same code as with a pushbutton and add some extra code.

 The bend sensors are working better since we soldered the wires to small pieces of brass (as seen on the pictures below).

We have also drilled holes in the computer keyboard circuit board and soldered on wires so we can connect it to a switch.  

bend sensors v1.0Wires + brasskeyboard circuit board


We have discussed how we will present our prototype on the final exhibition. We want to make it look as much as possible like a finished product even though only a few functions will work on our prototype. One problem is how to make a glove that will fit everyone. “One size fits all” is almost never true. We also don’t want the prototype to break when lots of people try it. A possible solution is to put the glove on a model hand where you can bend the fingers to see how the glove works. This has the downside that people can’t experience the glove as it’s supposed to work.

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Back from holiday

Yesterday we returned from christmas break and continued working. Since we have had some problems with getting the bend sensors to work properly we were thinking of using accelerometers instead like The Acceleration Sensing Glove. Today we had a meeting with David to discuss how to proceed and according to him using accelerometers would be to complicated for this project. So we will continue working with our homemade bend sensors. We will use a tilt sensor to detect when the glove is shaking.This afternoon we are testing which circuits on the computer keyboard circuit board correspond to which keys. We will also go to Kjell & Company and Elfa to buy materials.

Testing, testing