What a day!!

Today we have really gone from frustration, to even more frustration.

The main problem has been to get the tilt sensor to work without any problems. We think that we are having a problem with the power to the tilt sensor, because every time we connect the tilt sensor, we get strange values.

When starting today our bend sensors worked, but after been trying out different solutions with the tilt sensor, suddenly the bend sensors didn’t work. Because of this we had to go back to trying out the bend sensors again. Before, when sending different keystrokes we were sending two keystrokes combined in one. The solution that we got to work just recently was to press only one keystroke at the time. We also changed which keystroke we were sending.

Today we also found out that the silicon hand that we made yesterday needs another day to get dry.

We have also discussed different ways to make the glove look a bit more appealing, and came up with the idée that we will probably cut two glows apart and combine them into one. This will aloe us to make a cover for the prototype.

Hope tomorrow is a happier day for us!


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