The Game is Afoot

Today we have started working on our prototype after we revised the original project proposal a little. The glove will send emoticons and “nudges” in IM-programs, different emoticons correspond to certain hand gestures. It will communicate with the computer via the circuit board from a computer keyboard (today we took apart a couple of old keyboards that we will use). Since we are using a keyboard we will be able to send letters and letter combinations to the computer.  We are using a program called autohotkey ( to send commands to the IM-program.We have also started to build and test our homemade bendsensors, constructed of conductive foam. They were easy to build but they’re not very sensitive  so it will probably take an effort to make them work properly.

Circuit board from a keyboardBendsensor-test 3Bendsensor-test 2Bendsensor-test 1


Video Prototypes

Skype Scenario

Facebook Scenario

The Social Glove

This is the spot were we will be showing the progress of the work. This project is a part of a PC2 project at K3 Malmö University.